Loyalty Program

Every 5 9oz jars returned with our label on it will receive $5, if you return 5 you get $5 gift card, if you return ten you get a $10 gift card, you do not get $8 if you return 8, it’s an incentive program, you need to have groups of five, our label has to be on the jar, it can be faded, smudged, and a little beat up but we need to know it’s from our inventory, that is a must, even if we know you well we won’t accept any 9oz jar with a wrong colored lid, no lid, or no label. These jars are wholesale and many other brands can have access to them. They must be clean, no residue or char, it all comes off, we are paying for the item so we do ask as they come clean. We clean them often and they come out brand new. Drop off is in Headingley 24/7 we have a bin you can drop, or during our store hours you can find online. Your drop off needs your first and last name, phone number, and email for your gift card. If you drop in person, we won’t issue the card right there; we wouldn’t be taking money off any in person sales, it is strictly online, it is also where we track and issue our gift cards from. It can only be spent online! This program is new so we can’t go back two years for all those returns, I wish we could, but it would be very costly, so going forward from our 90s themes we started last month to current will be accepted with the label and lid. We will check your bags within 24/48hrs and make sure everything is in good shape as requested and then we will email you your bucks! If we have any questions we will reach out to you or if you return some all dirty and half cleaned with a reason why we are stil declining, we have to be very firm on our rules and standards because we don’t want this program to be taken advantage of and have to shut it down. We just need clean labelled jars and you get spending cash! It’s super easy, and many of our consumers will benefit from this! We do not and will not accept any other jar style. No thrift, no vinyl Decaled jars. Just our 9oz,. Please do not ask. If we decline your jars due to its cleanliness or there is crack, damage etc. we can either leave them back out for you to collect or we can keep them and handle them for you accordingly but we won’t send you any spending bucks. How to clean your jars: HOT WATER AND SOAP’!! That’s all it takes, you don’t even need to soak it, if you prefer to, boil water, dump it in and let the wax rise and harden on the top then toss it, it’s not a wax melt lol it’ll smell like nothing and be dirty ish wax.! since you’re consumers you will know where to drop things off. If you need our Headingley address because you always get delivery, send us a chat on our website, not our dms. Our website chat is very fast and will help you get to me instantly so we can arrange something in a timely fashion without you waiting for a long instagram DM. Our Instagram is not ideal for immediate contact it is a social place, always find our chat on our online shop for fast assistance.

LIMIT OF $25 per drop (25 jars) as a small business we need to be practical! As we grow the limit will grow and you can hoard for more spending bucks, but for now please drop in bundles of 25 or less! I know it’s easy to collect jars quickly but this is also the correct amounts for our storage and staff who can handle these take ins, aka me and my husband right now 🤍

If you drop 25 and have more maybe wait 2 to 3 weeks and come back again, if that helps you figure out a schedule, do not over think it ! We are just ensuring everyone understands we cannot handle hundred or more on one drop at this time, and I know it’s easy to collect many of our jars over time quickly haha ! But we love that we are affordable so you can keep shopping often and get money back when your done !

We love you and your consistent support and hope this helps with your candle addiction !

Thank you I’m advance for reading our guidelines & we hope to see you dropping soon!


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