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Bath & Skin - Coffee Body Polish

Bath & Skin - Coffee Body Polish

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All natural body polish for a nice body scrub while energizing your skin when your skin is looking dull and feeling dry! Leaves your skin soft and new full of healthy moisture!


Arabica bean grounds, brown sugar, hemp seed butter, unrefined cocoa butter, pumpkin seed oil, hempseed oil, Grapeseed oil, castor oil, maple sugar pumpkin latte fragrance oil

nontoxic, cruelty free


use table spoon to handfuls in the shower, bath, or sink, on damp clean skin scrub body and face for as long as you like then head back into water strewn and rinse off! You can also add extra oils you have at home that are your fave that may not be in this blend!

stop use if it causes irritants, avoid getting it in your eyes, if done, rinse well! 

use every other day or 1/2 a week depending on your skin type!


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