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High Wax Candle Co.

Body Mists - Coconut

Body Mists - Coconut

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BUY 2 any body mists and save $5 ! Apply code body spray at check out, can be applied to as many combos as you like!

made with our fragrance oils (distilled in the same fashion as essential oils) Distilled water, .001 rubbing alcohol, polysorbate80, Non-toxic, Cruelty-Free. Multiple Fragrance options, (switching and adding different fragrance options all the time)

08 Oz Coconut

Pure sweet coconut with a milky creamy vanilla undertones

Shake before each use.

Good to naturally refresh your room, linens, and self with these light mists, some are good for stress relief, having a calming and comforting effect. Use on your face and hair! Floral waters hold lots of health benefits ! They are gentle and don't have the after feeling of heavy chemicals sitting in your lungs, you can safely inhale this product (not that you should shove any thing like that in your mouth as an inhaler? haha) safe to use on your pillows, in your hair, on your clothes, spray it into your bath water... I may even have one in my car, in my purse, in my bedroom................ 

Stop using if product causes irritants.

Bottle can be reused for your own stuff safely, wash with hot water and soap. Label is damaged by water if submerged.

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