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Winter SOS candle box - 2 assorted styles

Winter SOS candle box - 2 assorted styles

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 Enjoy a box of 6 full sizes of our fave products hand picked by us for you with an added discount on each item!


Reg price. $111 100% Natural Soy wax, 9oz, hand poured in MB. Hand cut  wood wick, non-toxic (Phthalate Free Paraben Free, BPA free) cruelty free, in scent blend Candy Cane / it is SO genuine to candy cane 

Candy Cane is the ultimate holiday delight captured in a fragrance oil. Experience the pure magic of the season with this sweet and refreshing scent that embodies the beloved peppermint treat. Immerse yourself in a swirl of wintergreen and peppermint, uplifting your spirits with their cool and invigorating aroma. Let the subtle hint of vanilla add a touch of warmth and comfort, while the essence of sugar enhances the overall sweetness. Indulge in the festive spirit and let Candy Cane transport you to a winter wonderland filled with joy, merriment, and the irresistible allure of the holiday season.

Fragrance Notes: 

Top: Wintergreen
Mid: Peppermint
Base: Vanilla, Sugar

reg price: $ 13.50 - 1 16oz luxury bottle of bath salts with genuine blue howlite stones, dried roses petals and lavender on a bed of Epsom salts, pink salt, baking soda (amazing for soft skin) infused with hemp seed oil, hemp seed butter, castor oil, with the scent of creamy coconut!

one 16oz glass tumbler or coffee mug

coffee mug is microwave and dishwash friendly designed and pressed in house reg. Price $15.50

tumbler with white matte perm. vinyl decals, glass straw, bamboo lid, and straw cleaner reg. Price $17.50

Reg price $3.50 1 silk beige scrunchie, gorilla grip hold! No lies!! 

Reg price $3.75 1 10ml (full size) lip balm all natural blue raspberry flavour made with hemp seed oil, beeswax, coco butter, hemp seed butter, castor oil, & Grapeseed oil 

Reg price $10 1 full size 590ml coffee body scrub 

450ml of all natural cruelty free coffee scrub, environmentally friendly when rinsed away!

Use our nourishing coffee scrub (arabica beans) brown sugar, infused with hemp seed butter, hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, & coconut scented oil! All unrefined !


use 1/3 times a week or when needed, take a handful and use externally all over your hot body! Enjoy the scents as you smell like a baking beauty, buff and scrub your bum cheeks, face, arms, and legs, but sure not to brew or eat your coffee grains, it’s that delicious! Rinse thoroughly through all your curves and crevices and you will feel like a nourished non sticky or greasy hottie with a body! Use last before you get out of the shower for best results!

Google coffee scrub and the benefits it holds to your skin, it’s not only good to drink but good for your outsides too!

Here at High Wax Candle Co. we work hard to avoid heavy scents that can cause headaches or irritate allergies.

Recommended burn time 1-4 hours at a time depending on candle size (this allows fragrance in candle to last and not burn off before wax burns off), for a perfect burn each time, try and make sure with your first burn you melt the whole top flat, this will avoid your candle from pooling and then tunneling around the wick wasting your product. 

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