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Facial / body floral water cooling mists - Lavender

Facial / body floral water cooling mists - Lavender

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Floral waters are a byproduct from the steam distillation of essential oils. They are also known as hydrolats. Floral waters can be added into skincare routines for refreshing and revitalising the skin. They contain all the beneficial essences of the plant from which they are extracted from. They are only different in that they are milder than the essential oils thus are more suitable for direct use on the skin and face.

Floral waters are slowly replacing toners which are necessary in skin care regimes since they balance the skin’s pH levels while brightening, cleansing, hydrating and toning it. But flower waters provide all of these benefits with even more unique properties of natural ingredients. 

Made with lavender floral waters Distilled water, polysorbate80, lavender fragrance oil, Non-toxic, Cruelty-Free. Multiple Fragrance options, (switching and adding different fragrance options all the time)

Stop using if product causes irritants.

Bottle can be reused for your own stuff safely, wash with hot water and soap.

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