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Lash Serum - High Lashes 10ml for lash health

Lash Serum - High Lashes 10ml for lash health

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10ml lash serum, use twice daily, one in the morning and before bed, can be used under mascara, best results when used daily for at least 30 days! Can be used on eyebrows for growth as well! 

helps with length and thickness especially useful for those who use lash extensions or strips daily! It is not a hoax to use serums for lashes daily, I am a certified lash tech and have a lot of experience with lash oils and health!


pure hemp seed oil (sativa seed) pumpkin seed oil, castor oils, Grapeseed oil, polysorbate80

Packed with fatty acids and omega 3s it’s good for; external use only discontinue or irritants occur.

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