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New jars in 8oz frosted style - lakeside morning (bath and body works mock scent)

New jars in 8oz frosted style - lakeside morning (bath and body works mock scent)

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100% Natural Soy wax, 8oz hand poured in MB. Hand cut wood wick, non-toxic, cruelty free, in fragrance blend lakeside morning 

Imagine stepping onto the shore of a pristine lake as the sun gently rises, casting a soft golden glow over the water. The air is crisp, the gentle breeze carrying the delicate aromas of a dewy morning to awaken your senses. Lakeside Morning captures this breathtaking experience in a bottle, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature wherever you go.

The top notes open with a hint of crisp green apple and fresh citrus gently revealing the clean scent of crisp morning air mingled together with soft herbaceous heart notes.  Finally, the base notes embrace you with the warmth of soft driftwood and a whisper of tonka and amber.

Let our BBW Type Lakeside Morning scente transport you to a serene oasis, awakening your senses to the beauty that surrounds us. Embrace the tranquility of nature and elevate your everyday moments with this captivating scent. Discover the enchantment of a Lakeside Morning and let it become your next signature fragrance.

45/55 hr + burn time

Here at High Wax Candle Co. we work hard to avoid heavy scents that can cause headaches or irritate allergies.

Recommended burn time 1-4 hours at a time depending on candle size (this allows fragrance in candle to last and not burn off before wax burns off), for a perfect burn each time, try and make sure with your first burn you melt the whole top flat, this will avoid your candle from pooling and then tunneling around the wick wasting your product. 

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