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The Crystal shop: Selenite Wands

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5inch Selenite wands

The selenite crystal is a beautiful, translucent crystal that evokes energies of healing and protection. The vibrations of this stone are gentle and soothing to the troubled soul.

selenite is a water-sulable meaning it can dissolve in water, do not put Selenite in water 

Selenite Properties

This stone works well as a cleanser. It helps to rid the aura of negativity that can hamper spiritual growth and development.

Selenite also has a strong protective energy. It can be used to ward off harmful spirits and keep one safe during travel.

Healing is one of the primary properties of this crystal. It soothes wounds of the physical body as well as those which affect the spirit.

Selenite has often been used to encourage feelings of cooperation in the workplace.

Physical Healing

Selenite can be used to aid those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. It brings calm and focus to the mind.

The crystal can also help reduce stress for elderly individuals who have been placed in nursing facilities. It also helps with insomnia.

The digestive processes are also helped with Selenite. It can also assist the body in the absorption of minerals and nutrients.

Some have found that the crystal is beneficial for fertility issues. It can also help to improve impotence and sexual dysfunction in men.

Women may find that this crystal helps to prevent problems during pregnancy. The stone can be used to ensure a smooth delivery.

Many find that using a wand made from this crystal will remove ailments from various parts of the body. The wand is simply moved back and forth over the affected area.

Emotional Healing

Those who suffer from a lack of trust will find that this crystal helps to improve relationships. It heals the emotional wounds that prevent one from becoming close to others.

Nervousness and anxiety can be relieved with Selenite. Those who have post-traumatic stress will find its vibrations useful in preventing panic attacks.

The crystal is very good for removing streams of negative thinking. It encourages one to view their life in terms of its possibilities.

Spiritual Healing

Selenite is strongly connected to the realms of spirit. It has been known to assist individuals in exploring their past lives.