You’re invited Dec 4th 91 Albert second floor 12pm to 4pm

We have finally took the leap and we have a small store space for in person shopping on 91 Albert Street, Winnipeg MB. In the heart of the Exchange District! Easy access for those who take the bus, we are located in a 3 story small business building, a wonderful area for door to door shopping in unique old buildings with amazing architecture, stores in basements, old apartment buildings converted into shopping blocks, buildings filled with unique shops, food, and events! The shop is currently under construction and we will host a grande opening day and invite everyone via email, on Instagram, Facebook, and we also have an outdoor sign guiding you and locals to our shop! Can’t wait to open this new space and share this next chapter with you! It wouldn’t be possible with out your amazing consistent support ! I love you, Sabrina

Santa’s favourite ho’s only

Santa’s Ho ; self-respecting, strong Queen or King who has everything together. This consists of body, mind, finances, and attitude; a queen or king who gets their way by any means necessary.


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Get to know High Wax Candle Co.

What can I say, we like it different, we like to say what youre really thinking & put it on things! But the truth is, there is no "We" Im Sabrina! Creator of High Wax Candle Co. when I say its unique here I dont lie. Bad attitudes & judgment have never been welcome here, neither is new world hate, times have changed bringing me to you guys! I quit my whole entire life to do this, and I strongly encourage all of my supporters to do what ever the fuck you want to & make every minute count. I have no regrets, does your soul ever make you relize youre exactly where youre supposed to be & if you break that path it feels life shattering? Ive found that here. This isnt just a brand but a safe space on our Instagram page for gals and pals to laugh, relate, talk about any topic they want to, suicide & mental health is a huge topic we touch, & so much more including, self love, politics, polls on our favorite topics and shows! I dont even need your money, you can visit for free as often as you want! spill our tea all over town, I promise youre never unnoticed, some of you becoming great friends! its all Canadian materials here, wax and oils coming from Vancouver, Winnipeg glass supplier, with hand cut cedar wood wicks, every. single. candle. has a hand cut wood wick!! kind of cute if you ask me ! I personally cut that for you! imperfectly perfect *air high fives bad bitches* or "vicious hair flip"! All soy wax, non-toxic cruelty free, beans and oils always work well together! All clothing is also canadian materials down to the vinyl. We are the original conversation candles of Manitoba est. 2021, all based at an in home wax studio, travelling Manitoba markets, and in your local salons! Please look around, I love you.

  • If you need me

    Contact info

    Sabrina Dimond

    Please contact me at any time if you have any online issue or questions about your order.

  • Cannabis Friendly

    Products DO NOT include THC or CBD. It is hemp oil only, used in many natural products. A natural oil with out the high! If hemp oil is used it will be clearly noted on the label!

  • Personal, Business, Wholesale, etc..

    Directly message me personally by email, chat on here, or DM our Instagram for info, quotes, ideas, etc. Weddings, personal gifts, personal candles for yourself, label options are endless, all product made in house including the labels.

    See Instagram for lots of personal and custom orders.


    Free Local shipping within 10KM of Headingley MB. Free Curb-Side pick up, 5$ shipping to Winnipeg, East & West St Paul, including Oak bank, using GoodLocal. Free delivery to Carman, Morden, & Winkler MB. contact me by message to arrange when choosing curb-side so we know to arrange sending it out of town. FREE Shipping to Canada and U.S if you spend over 100.00$, automatically applied at check out.

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