Babe, do you, but let me make your candles

Established in 2021

Hand poured small batch soy wax candles with hand-cut made in-house wood wicks & more!



Delivery information

We have the final choice in delivery options when you spend over $100 or choose postal in the city of winnipeg, we may change the services to our delivery team but you will be refunded for postal if you overpaid! When you spend over $100 we also choose what postal service delivers whether its ours, UPS, FedEx, or Canada post.

Many new locations have been added to our free delivery zones! See if yours is today!

We deliver twice a week, on Wednesday and Sundays in between 9am & 9pm, you will usually see your order within a week from your order date in Winnipeg unless you choose a paid postal service not by us, it can take up to 2 weeks to see your package! Potentially longer depending on the time of year.

We have curbside pick up at check out for free, with 2 locations, one located in Headingley mb. Close to the race tracks and the flying J, or in Osborne MB. Ten minutes south of la salle! Osborne is a very small town, if you Google it assume we are there to know your destinations distance. Actual addresses sent to you when your order is ready for pick up, always watch your junk mail.

  • If you need me

    Contact info

    Sabrina Dimond

    Please contact me at any time if you have any online issue or questions about your order.

  • Cannabis Friendly

    Products DO NOT include THC or CBD. It is hemp oil only, used in many natural products. A natural oil with out the high! If hemp oil is used it will be clearly noted on the label!

  • Personal, Business, Wholesale, etc..

    Directly message me personally by email, chat on here, or see our Instagram @highwaxcandle for info!

    We provide custom work for Weddings, personal gifts, brand collaborations, custom bundle designs for candles for your store (more info on this if you ask), as well as wholesale for our regular High Wax inventory!

    See Instagram for lots of personal and custom orders.


    Free Local shipping within 10KM of Headingley MB. Free Curb-Side pick up open daily 9am to 9pm excluding Christmas Day or holidays, see our Instagram @highwaxcandle if you’re unsure, but we usually leave a note on our site that we our on a holiday! $3 FREE Shipping to Canada and U.S if you spend over 100.00$, automatically applied at check out. Canada post, & UPS available, as well as our own delivery service provided twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays

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