Do you want High Wax Candle Co. inventory on your shelves without the hassle of having to order custom? Well now you can! With a minimum purchase in dollars you have access to all of our inventory as long as it’s in stock! You’ll have no obligations to buy a certain amount of one product, you can mix and match all of our inventory excluding some items such as; other vendors, hair accessories, & any other items not made by our studio, BUT you don’t have to worry, it will be excluded out of your discount at check out showing you which items didn’t receive the discount, remove them and carry on as long as you’ve hit the minimum amount required or add more of our studio made products. You can purchase items for yourself not under the required minimum but they can’t be sold. Wholesale requires you match all of our inventories prices which will be available on your bill, showing the original price and the price you paid. We want to maintain an affordable line of candles as well as candles for the highest of tastes! 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please send in inquiry below to find out the minimum, any questions or for an account approval and we will set you up with a personal code and information ASAP and you can start shopping today! We take all payment types including etransfer and PayPal.

You will have 24hr access to our inventory code is not valid with any discounted items or sales, shop brand new inventory on restock days and keep consistent but new and forever changing inventory in your store, they will never get tired of trying new and exciting things as well as returning for the classics likes our loved lip balms, multi purpose cleaners, lash serums, and more!

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