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Use Faire for fast access and special deals to our wholesale if you have an account with them otherwise see below for more wholesale options! We have plenty to offer

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Wholesale / Custom

We only provide wholesale through Faire, or you can have the same Faire wholesale deals through our website minus Faire fees, you still pay shipping and match our sale pricing. If you want to skip Faire but have us in your shop please email us through our forum below.

We are closed to all custom at this time, that’s for the public and companies. We do not customize candles for anyone or provide any deals if you shop a large order that is not for sale in your shop, and if it’s for your shop, it is done through Faire or you can email us at the bottom through our contact forum and we will provide you an account through our website, still matching our Faires guideline's, again, you are responsible for shipping.

We are not taking wedding orders at this time.

If further clarification is needed or you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time and we will respond with 24hrs, see contact forum provided below, our instant chat box, or see our home page near the bottom for more contact options.

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