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Stickers - sorry I have plants this weekend

Stickers - sorry I have plants this weekend

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Single large sticker, matte water proof, usually size 2.5 by 2.5 inches to 3inches in length in height depending on shape; sizes vary, image does not depict true size but close to.

All stickers include white background or coloured background as shown in sample image, this is a mock image meaning it was made digitally online and not taken with a camera, but they look exactly the same! Sometimes our mock images upload distorted or not crystal clear online; all images are clear, vibrant, & clean cut, most stickers are made in house meaning; they are not purchased from other vendors or any design shops, they are High Wax digital elements made into sticker art! We like that our images aren’t perfectly clear so it keeps thieves away, they can’t steal the image this way, so we don’t work too hard trying to perfect sticker images but you can trust your stickers are stunning, there is lots of pictures strewn through our website showing our stickers in real time not mock photos, feel free to browse the full inventory, it won’t leave you short of fun finds and laughter!! 🤭 

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