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Vinyl vehicle decals - grl power

Vinyl vehicle decals - grl power

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decals come as shown in images above, with transfer tape already applied, all you have to do is peel the clear film from the paper backing and apply the decal to your desired area!

Decals are semi permanent, water resistant, safe for car washes, vinyl material, avoid dishwasher as they have HIGH hot heat, can be applied to all surfaces including your vehicles body, all glass/windows, glassware, wood, walls, any surface that allows sticky things to be applied!

You can remove the decals by hand when needed and clean the glue from the surface area 

decals are about 4/5inches in width and 6/7 inches in height, they come in a protective cellophane package with full instructions included 

  • Make sure the area you are applying to is freshly wiped down clean and dry
  • Avoid apply the decals at extreme temperatures that includes hot and cold
  • Press the decal onto your chosen surface 
  • Using a credit card start at the middle of the decal and press against the surface of the decal lining in an outward motion. Continue bringing the credit card from the center to the outer edges of the decal lining until you've gone over the entire surface. Go over any air bubbles you see with the credit card

We are not responsible for your surfaces if the decals peel paint or are difficult for you to remove. We do not know what your vehicles or anything you own looks like or the conditions of your things prior to this purchase. 

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